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DIY Easter Egg Wreath

To appease my yarn craft obsession, I scoured Pinterest for DIY yarn pom-pom Easter decorations. I was rather surprised at how few I actually found! They had your average pom-pom garland, but none of those really screamed EASTER! to me. I ended up creating my own garland with wooden beads and pastel-colored yarn. I used this garland (pictured below) as the inspiration for the rest of my seasonal decorations.

In addition to the above, I also created this super cute and extremely easy bunny tail garland. I had my mom cut out the bunny shapes on her Cricut (thanks, mom!) and then a made several very small white pom-pom. I hot-glued a tail onto each bunny, strung them by the ears with twine and, voila! I hung these on the built-in shelves on each side of my mantel.

And I even made a set of Easter rainbows!

But that wasn’t enough for me. Being quarantined at home during this COVID-19 had me stir crazy and I absolutely needed something more. A focal piece. And that is when I came across this DIY Yarn Easter Egg wreath on Pinterest. Isn’t it egg-squisite? I highly recommend creating your own if you have the time. I have outlined the steps for you below!


  • Thick copper hardware wire
  • 20 gauge jewelry wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Yarn in multiple colors (I chose pastels for springtime)
  • Twine
  • Wooden beads
  • Hot glue


Step 1 – Mold your copper wire into the shape of an egg, as large or small as you would like. This is easier said than done, and unless you are Martha Stewart, it probably won’t be perfect. But just roll with it

Step 2 – Choose the color of yarn you would like the egg “frame” and cover the wire by wrapping it around the wire. This part was also difficult. I found it easy to wrap a couple inches, then push it up the wire, and then wrap a couple more. I repeated this until the entire shape was covered in yarn (took about an hour or so, at least).

Step 3 – Secure the two ends of copper wire together with the jewelry wire. I overlapped mine a bit. Be sure to secure the ends at the bottom of the egg because you will cover this with pompoms.

Step 4 – Pom pom making time! Make around three dozen larger sized pom poms in various colors using a pom pom maker.

Step 5 – String some of the pom poms (leave some for the bottom of the wreath), alternating colors with the twin until that garland is long enough to string across the egg frame. Secure this to the frame, at an angle, by tying to twine to the frame.

Step 6 – Create 3 yarn tassels, 2 of equal size and one longer. Use this past post to create your tassels but skip out on adding the ghost face and multiple colors.

Step 7 – String a couple different sized wooden beads onto the top of the tassels and then tie them to the bottom of the egg form. Put the longer tassel in between the two shorter ones.

Step 8 – Glue the remaining pom poms along the bottom of the wreath using hot glue.

And that’s it. You now have a beautiful, homemade Easter wreath!

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