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Going For the Gold – Indoor Olympics

It’s COVID-19 quarantine day 957 (at least that’s what it feels like). You’ve watched Frozen 2 more times than you can count and you have taken to calling your children Elsa and Sven. The air is crisp so you’re still stuck inside, extracurriculars have been canceled and you are really starting to miss your kids’ regular dose of physical activity (shout out to my P.E. teacher husband and how valuable everyone is now realizing his job is). You’re dying to turn off those screens and have your kids engage in some form of exercise that doesn’t include a mouse or game controller.

OK moms and dads, its time to get creative and host an indoor Olympics! All of the events I am about to describe can be done inside and are sure to get your children off their butts for at least a few minutes. So bust out the leotards and tennis shoes and ask Alexa to play the national anthem!

Read all about my Indoor Olympics activities in my Toledo Moms blog post!

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