Hi! I’m Morgan, a 30-something mama who loves her kids, husband, dog, family, reading, writing and being out doors. I work full-time in IT/Marketing and I am a die-hard University of Michigan fan, Detroit Tigers fan and Detroit Lions fan. I grew up playing various sports from gymnastics to soccer, I love spicy food, wine, event planning and traveling.

My husband, Nick, is a P.E. teacher and together we have the two cutest identical twin girls on the planet – Lennon Jo and Rowe Emerson; born September 12, 2016 after 18+months of TTC, multiple rounds of fertility treatment and two rounds of IVF, and a feisty son, Hank; born August 20, 2018 after a spontaneous pregnancy. We also have a timid and cute bulldog named Sonny.

We enjoy watching or little miracles grow and learn, watching quiz shows, drinking wine, and remodeling our new home (well, I enjoy that. Nick, not so much).

I received my undergraduate degree from Ohio University (I ❤ Athens and my fellow Bobcats), and my masters degree from the University of Toledo. I hope to soon pursue my Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration.

I am smart, kind, funny, a bit OCD, creative, anxious and happy.

I am also part of a couple who struggles with infertility.

But, I do NOT let this define me. It is not who I am, but part of who I am. It has made me stronger than I could ever imagine. It has made me appreciate my relationship with my husband and the little things in life we all tend to take for granted. I will also admit that it has blinded me at times, and caused me to think/wish horrible thoughts that I would never have considered had good old Aunt Flo not shown her ugly face that day.

When I first started this blog, my main focus was on Trying to Conceive (TTC) and infertility. Now that I have had a successful pregnancy and birth, I am switching it up a little. I will still discuss infertility and TTC but I will also talk about pregnancy, motherhood (twin parenting, especially), babies, toddlers, work+life balance, time management, anxiety and more!

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