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DIY Yarn Ghost Garland

Now that it is officially October I have started to mix in some spooky Halloween decor with my fall decorations. That means ghosts, witches, skulls, bats and more. This is the first year my twin daughters seem to really understand Halloween and are excited, so decorating has been extra fun.

I love Halloween but my decor is nowhere near the status of my Christmas decorations. I try to buy a couple of new items each year so my collection is slowly growing, but this year I decided to craft some of my own decorations! I mean, why not do one more thing?! Special thanks to Pinterest and some other Insta Moms for showing me that with just a little bit of time and effort, I can create some cute items without breaking the bank!

Follow my instructions below to make your own!


  • White yarn
  • Colored yarn for bows
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard form/book

Step 1

Wrap the white yarn around your cardboard form/book (mine was around 8″) approximately 100 times.

No, I didn’t actually count. I just wrapped until I reached my desired thickness.

Step 2

Pull the yarn off of the form (you will have a big bunch of yarn loops now) and tie a piece of white yarn around the center of this yarn bunch. Make sure this strand of yarn is long-ish, you will use this to tie the ghost to the twine!

Step 3

Cut the loops at each end of the bunch

Step 4

Fold the yarn at the tie and then tie a piece of colored yarn about an inch or so down from the white tie. This forms the ghost head. Tie the colored yarn in a bow for extra cuteness.

Step 5 (optional)

Now, you could add eyes using a black Sharpie if your want, I prefer my ghosts eyeless.

Step 6

Use the extra white yarn at the top of your ghosts head to secure it to the twine. Keep adding ghosts (interchanging colored bows) until you reach the desired length.

Step 7

Hang them up and enjoy!

Pretty simple, right?! I’ll show you how to make yarn pumpkins in another blog post coming soon!


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