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Boho Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging

Since updating my daughters’ bedroom to a boho garden theme, I’ve been trying to find pieces to fill in some of their empty wall space. One day, as I was swiping through Pinterest I came across this easy and cute yarn tassel wall hanging. I already had all of the supplies I needed in either my craft closet or backyard (haha) so I was able to whip this up in less than an hour. Instructions to make one yourself are below!


  • Yarn of various colors
  • Book or cardboard rectangle for tassel making
  • Large stick
  • Twine
  • Scissors


Start by making several yarn tassels. You can follow the linked tutorial and just not turn them into ghosts. I used 4 different colors: pink, blue/gray, mustard yellow and cream. I made abs used 15 tassels total.

Once you’re finished making your castles trim them up so they look nice and neat.

Hang them on your stick in an ordered pattern but at varying lengths.

Once all of the tassels are hung tie a piece of twine from one end of the stick to the other so that you can hang it on the wall using a nail.

And that is literally all there is to it! Cheap, easy and cute!

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