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Preparing for Summer Camp Success with Name Bubbles

The weather is starting to warm up and soon enough the kids will be out of school for the summer. If you are anything like me, that means you are signing your kids up for summer camps and activities in an attempt to keep them busy and entertained (and maybe give yourself a bit of a break). The options for types of camps are endless; from sports camps to science camps to day camp and sleep away camp. I honestly feel there is a camp that appeals to every kids’ interest. This summer my girls will be attending Safety Township (a child pedestrian and traffic safety day camp combined with a life safety course designed for kids entering kindergarten in the up-coming school year), Bible School and maybe a sports camp.

Most camp administrators provide parents/campers with a list of items the child needs to bring with them to camp. Likely included are cups/water bottles, lunch boxes, a change of clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. That is a lot of stuff for a child to keep track of and bring home with them each day (or at the end of camp) and unless you want to make store runs throughout the week for new supplies, I highly recommend labeling all of your kids’ items. 

Name Bubbles Custom Camp Labels

I am so excited to use Name Bubbles labels on all of my little ones’ camping essentials this summer. They have Custom Camp Labels Packs that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs perfect for labeling all of your kids’ camp belongings. Camp Packs include stick-on labels that are waterproof, laundry safe, dishwasher safe, sunscreen proof, bug spray-proof and weatherproof.

I am loving the Tie-Dye Camp Labels Pack!


Name Bubbles labels allows you to personalize Camp Labels with your camper’s first and last name, as well as home address and contact phone number. Some designs are available in multiple colors from which you can choose and they include a variety of font types.

Helpful Tips

Always apply labels directly to a clean, dry surface and allow them to sit for at least 24 hours before washing.

Unlaminated Clothing Labels

Use unlaminated labels for tagless clothing. Stick the labels to the clothings’ brand stamp/imprint and not directly to blank material. 

Laminated Clothing Labels

Peel and stick these labels directly to the clothing label or care tag. Laminated labels also stick to a variety of non-clothing items like flashlights, water bottles, first aid kits, lunch boxes and more.

If you want to stick labels directly to fabric, you can use iron-on labels (these will stay on permanently). 

Coupon Code

If you are interested in using Name Bubbles Labels to help organize and personalize your belongings, check out their website here and use my coupon code below. You’re sure to have some happy campers if you do!

Use coupon code CAMP2022 for 20% off all product from now until August 31, 2022.

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