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Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so obviously, I had to gather up some yarn and make some garland! My mantle is my favorite thing to decorate and a good garland seems to pull it all together; no matter the theme. For this particular garland, I combined some of my previously acquired yarn tassel talents with yarn harts and wooden beads. Gather up the supplies listed below and follow my simple instructions to make this yourself!


  • Yarn (various colors; I chose purples, pinks and white)
  • Twine
  • Cardboard
  • Sharpie
  • Heart cookie cutter (or something small and heart-shaped to use a stencil)
  • Tape
  • Wooden beads (I bought these on Amazon)
  • Scissors
  • Command Hooks
  • Mounting Putty


Yarn Tassel Garland

  1. Make several (40-50) yarn tassels using these instructions from my previous blog.
    • Modification Step 4 – Use the same color yarn to tie the tassel, and tie in a knot rather than a bow.
    • Skip Step 5.
  2. When stringing, rather than spacing the tassels out, hang them so close they are touching so the garland is full.
  3. Alternate colors in the pattern of your choice.
  4. Keep adding tassels until the garland is the desired length.
  5. Hang using Command Hooks and/or mounting putty – tape won’t cut it, this garland is heavy!

Wooden Bead & Yarn Heart Garland

  1. Trace several hearts onto your cardboard using your stencil/cookie cutter.
  2. Cut out each heart.
  3. Tape the yarn to the heart allowing about 2-3 inches to hang off the top (we will use this to hang the hearts later).
  4. Begin wrapping the yarn around the heart going several different directions. The goal is to wrap the heart form until you can no longer see any cardboard and the yarn heart is the desired thickness.
  5. When the form is completely covered, end the yarn in the same spot as the extra yarn at the top of the heart.
  6. Cut the yarn and then tie the two pieces in a knot leaving the ends loose.
  7. Continue to make hearts the same way as above using the different colored yarn. I made bout 20 in total.
  8. Once all of your hearts are created, it is time to string your garland.
  9. Begin by stringing on a few wooden beads onto your twine.
    • I created a pattern – 1 small bead, 1 medium bead, 1 large bead, 1 medium bead, 1 small bead, 1 heart. Repeat
  10. Add the hearts to your garland between the wooden beads at regular intervals.
      • Secure the heart to your twine using the two pieces of yarn leftover at the top. Tie the loops in a know around the twine!

  11. Continue stringing and hanging until the garland is the desired length.
  12. Cut the twine leaving extra at each end for hanging.
  13. Optional: I secured one leftover yarn tassel at each end of the garland to add a pop and help keep the beads from moving.
  14. Hang in the desired location using the Command Hooks and mounting putty – I hung mine right above my Valentine Yarn Tassel Garland on my mantel and I LOVE IT!!

If you have the time, you can probably whip both of these out in a few hours. I, however, made a couple of tassels and a couple of hearts here and there over the course of a few weeks. Sometimes in the morning while I was drinking my coffee and engaging on the Gram, other times while watching Jeopardy with my husband. I even made a few on my lunch break at work. Once I hade everything made and set aside, stringing was super easy.

Have fun!

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