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Love Bracelet Valentines

This might be my favorite DIY Valentine – a tune of beads, letters and string so the kids can make their very own valentine bracelet! I think my fav part is actually the retro vibe tag but because we all know I’ll use a peace sign any chance I get. And don’t worry; the tubes are plastic which means they *hopefully* won’t break. Supplies and instructions are below.


Assembly Instructions

Fill the plastic tube about half full with valentine beads.

Creat a fun valentine phrase using the alphabet letters. Here are some of the phrases I used:

  • Hey Valentine
  • Hi Cutie Pie
  • Peace Love Valentine
  • Be My Valentine
  • Happy Love Day
  • Hearts XOXOXO
  • Peace and Love
  • Valentine Vibes

Add the letter phrase beads to the tube and then fill the rest of the tube with valentine beads (leave a tiny bit of space at the top).

Cut a lease of elastic/string big enough for the child’s wrist and then some. Add this to the top of the tube and then twist on the cap.

Cut a piece of of tulle and ribbon or yarn and wrap it around the top of the tube by the cap and secure it (like the beginning of a bow).

Cut out your tags and then punch a whole in one of the top corners.

String the tulle and yarn through the whole on the tag and then finish everything off with a beautiful bow. Feel free to trim up the ends so they are the same length.

I think young kids will have so much fun making their own bracelets and it’s also a bit of a spelling lesson to see if they can unscramble the letter beads to make a phrase!

Use the template below to print your own tags and make your own valentine bracelet favors!

Template Download

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