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DIY Behavior Chart

There is something about winter break and the holidays that just makes my kids crazy. Couple that with a bout of 9 day sickness and we are out of our routine, going crazy and the arguments and misbehaving has gone through the roof.

Some my goals for 2022 are to be more consistent with encouraging good behavior in my children, and for myself to yell less. So, to tackle these issues I created a DIY behavior chart. Below are the steps to create your own and then a little bit of instruction on how it works. Fingers crossed it helps!


  • Behavior Chart Printable (free download at the end of this post)
  • 8×10 photo frame
  • Magnet strips
  • Wooden letters
  • Acrylic paint
  • Poster tacky stuff
  • Hot glue/glue gun


Cut the Behavior Chart print down to size so that it will fit in the frame. Add print to frame.

If your frame had a stand on the back; remove it. Add magnetic strips along the back, securing with hot glue (I originally just stuck the magnets on with the sticky back adhesive but it wasn’t strong enough and the frame fell off my fridge a few times and dented it…oops).

Paint the wooden letter for the first name of your child/children the color(s) of your choice using the acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

Place a small bit of poster tacky on the back of each letter and stick to the frame.

Place frame on fridge and you are good to go!

How it works

Each morning place the letters in the green to start the new day fresh. Move the letters up or down on the chart based on your child’s behavior.

If they do something kind or helpful without prompting, they move up. I’ll also move them up if they listen well.

Things that may move their letter down? Not listening (obviously, haha), arguing, hitting, and general misbehaving. If they make to orange – time out. If after time out they STILL don’t listen; a consequence, which may be something like loss of tablet time or no after dinner treat.

If at the end of the day their letter is in a specific color (blue or higher for my family) they can receive a reward of the parents’ choice!

Fingers crossed this helps to instill consistent good (better) behavior!

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