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Melon’s House Party Season 2 is Here!

Are you a parent of a child between the ages of 5-12 looking for an alternative to screen time that gets your kids moving and gives you some time to actually get things done?? Then look no further than Melon’s House Party!

Melon’s House Party is a family-friendly podcast about a sweet pup named Melon and her magical, musical world. At Melon’s house, the party never stops because objects in her house sing and talk all day long! Her friends include a singing record player, a soulless computer, a bookshelf therapist and her bestie, Couch. Together, they teach listeners to appreciate the little things in life and the importance of family and friends.

Season 2 of Melon’s House Party is streaming now; listen to her new adventures every Wednesday on the Wondery+ app, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts app and more. Episodes are around 30 minutes each which makes them perfect for car rides to after school activities or after dinner cleanup. 

I actually like to have my kids listen to one episode each during tablet time before I allow them to use/watch anything else. The moment they turn on Melon they toss their tablet on the couch, get up and start their own dance party! And let me let you in on a little secret…they often choose to continue listening to Melon for the rest of tablet time. Now that’s a parent win in my book. So, crank up the volume and start listening now!!

To learn more about the show check out the Melon’s House party website!

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