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Butterflies & Bling Crescent Moon

I will not stop until every door in my house has a wreath for every holiday (OK I’m kidding…maybe). But in all seriousness i am wreath obsessed but this time I wanted to step outside the the typical circle wreath and make something a bit different. When I stumbled upon this crescent moon wreath on Pinterest I know I had to create something similar myself.

Below is a list of supplies and instructions in case you have the GUTS (just inserting Halloween-ish words wherever I can) to make one, too!


  • Wire wreath form
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Black spray paint
  • Rose gold spray paint
  • Faux flowers
  • Yarn pom-poms
  • Disco ball ornaments
  • Black paper butterflies
  • Mini plastic skulls
  • Pink glitter stars
  • Mini white pumpkins
  • Glue gun/hot glue


Start by cutting off about 1/3 of your wire wreath form with the wire cutters.

Pinch together each end of the wreath form to create a crescent moon shape and secure it together using floral wire.

Cut off a chunk of the grapevine wreath so you are left with the same size as the moon shape you just made. Attach the grapevines to the wire form using floral wire.

Spray paint the grapevine moon black and allow to dry.

While drying, spray paint your faux flowers black and spray paint some of the black plastic skulls rose gold.

Once dry, begin fixing all of your embellishments (skulls, flowers, disco balls, pom-poms, butterflies and stars) to the wreath using floral wire and hot glue.

I added flowers to the middle of the wreath and then filled in space with the other items to make it beautiful and full. I left the moon tips relatively bare.

I used some thick black yarn I had on hand to create a loop at the top of the wreath for hanging. I added the loop a bit to the side to the moon would sit at a slight angle when hanging.

This wreath would look great anywhere in your home, from your front door to your mantel! Wherever you decide to display, I promise you will receive several compliments for this piece.

Stay spooky my friends and follow my socials below for more DIY fun!





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