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Halloween Mini Tapestry

I am all about whimsical, family-friendly (AKA won’t scare my little kids) Halloween decor this year. I’m introducing light pinks and peaches into my traditional orange + black + white color scheme and adding black butterflies, cute ghosts and bows into the mix.

As a was digging through my extremely unorganized craft closet for supplies for a different DIY, I realized I had an over abundance of felt that I decided to put to use. The final product was these adorable mini Halloween wall tapestries that are the perfect addition to my daughters’ bedroom!


  • Felt in multiple colors
  • Wooden dowels
  • Chunky yarn
  • Tulle
  • Glitter paper
  • Hot glue
  • Glue gun


Start by choosing which piece of felt you would like for your tapestry background. Cut the bottom so that it looks like a half circle/curve.

Flip the felt over and make a line of hot glue at the top. Lay your wooden dowel (centered) onto the glue and let dry. Then, roll the dowel toward you until the felt on the dowel reaches over and glue that.

Cut out spooky shapes (you can print a stencil or trace a cookie cutter) like ghost, pumpkins, witch hats, spiders or skulls.

Glue the shapes to your background.

Cut eyes out of felt and glue them onto your spooky shapes.

Use a Cricut (or scissors) to cut small stars out using the glitter paper. Glue the stars around on your tapestry to add some sparkle.

Cut a piece of yarn and tie each end to the ends of the wooden dowel so you can hang the tapestry. Use tulle and more yarn to tie a chunky bow to one side of the dowel.

Hang the tapestries and enjoy! Mine are hung above my daughters’ bed. 🎃

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