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Rainbow Motel Leprechaun Trap

We all know how sneaky those prankster leprechauns are, and no matter how great a trap we build he always seems to escape (but not before he wreaks havoc on your house)! I’ve seen cardboard box traps, leprechaun hat traps, candy bowl traps, etc. And they are all as creative as they are cute.

This year I decided to switch it up a bit and toss the construction paper and boxes and go for a more whimsical, pastel rainbow approach. I used a glass canister, paper mache rainbow and Lucky Charms. It turned out adorable and I really think it’s going to lure that leprechaun right in. We can’t wait to see his face once we catch him!

Here are the instructions to make a similar trap yourself:


  • Glass jar/canister
  • Gold sparkle paper
  • Green Easter grass (or similar filler)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Gold spray paint
  • Glue gun
  • Lucky Charms
  • Colored marshmallows
  • Gold coins
  • Scissors


Cut out letters that spell “FREE GOLD” out of the gold paper. Glue the letters to the front of your jar.

Trace a circle the size of the top of your jar on the paper and cut that out as well. Then cut a little flap out in the middle of the circle so it works like a trap door. You will glue this to the top of your jar later.

Spray paint several popsicle sticks gold . When dry, glue together to form a ladder.

Put some Easter grass/filler into the bottom of the jar.

Next, add some Lucky Charms (leprechauns LOVE Lucky Charms).

Now, add a layer of gold coins.

Finally, fill the rest of the jar with the colored marshmallows.

Glue the gold circle with trap door to the top of the jar like a lid using hot glue.

Now it’s time to setup the trap. I placed ours on top of a rainbow doormat next to the front door. Stand the gold ladder up on the side of the jar so the leprechaun can climb up to get the gold and goodies.

I added this cute Rainbow Motel pennant, a mini rainbow piñata from Target and scattered some gold coins and other sparkly things on the ground around jar to make it look even more enticing to our little pal.

Go to bed on St. Patrick’s Day even and hope that when the leprechaun climbs up the ladder he will fall through the trapdoor and get caught!!

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