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Easter Basket Ideas (4-year-old girl)

I love any excuse to put together a gift basket, so obviously I love Easter! Each year I have so much fun shopping for cute gifts from the Easter Bunny. There are a couple of items I include each year, and the rest are pretty much random finds. Below is a list of what my 4-year-old twins will be getting Easter morning this year!

Bunny Ears

Obligatory bunny ears. This is on obvious Easter basket staple. I grabbed these from the Target dollar spot.

Bunny Tail Tutu

Another great Target Dollar Spot find. For just $3 each, these were a no brainer. My girls love playing dress up and these have a cute little bunny tail!

Spring Pajamas

I love tie dye; it might be my inner hippy but it just makes me happy. These pink heart tie dye PJs are from Old Navy.

Egg Chalk

Target does it again! How cute are these egg chalks? They even come in an adorable little egg carton.

Bubble Gun

My kids LOVE bubbles. And bubble guns don’t require me to become light-headed and winded blowing bubble after bubble using a typical bubble wand.


I am obsessed with swimsuits. I probably have like 50 myself, so obviously my kids need a ton, too. And too me, Easter is the perfect time to stock up.


The kids love it, I hate it. Apparently the Easter Bunny didn’t get the memo.

Easter Shirt

Designed by me, made by my mama!

Rain Boots & Umbrella

The Easter Bunny brings rain boots and umbrellas every year, to be sure we are prepared for those April showers!

Chocolate Bunny

Is it even Easter without a chocolate bunny? I always grab the hollow ones (because let’s be real, I usually end up eating them). I’ll also toss in a couple candy or money filled plastic eggs!

Check out Hank’s basket in this post!

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