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Easter Basket Ideas (2-year-old boy)

I have just as much fun putting together Hank’s Easter basket as I do for the twins. The majority of the items in them are the same, or very similar, and I have a blast trying to coordinate them. Here is a quick look at what my little boy is getting in his basket this year!

Bunny Ears

They aren’t just for girls! And for $1.00 I couldn’t pass them up.

Easter Shirt

I really wanted to incorporate chicks/chickens into the kids’ Easter shirt design, because as you may already know, my husbands latest impulse buy brought our family 2 chicks and 4 ducklings (more on that another time). The girls’ shirt says “EGG-stra Cute”, and Hanky boy’s says “Chicks Dig Me”.

Baseball Hat

My little guy LOVES dinosaurs, so he is sure to love this Cat & Jack dino hat from Target. Perfect for the sunny days ahead.

Jump Rope

PJ Masks jump rope from the Target Dollar Spot!

Play Doh Slime

I hope I don’t regret this one!

Tie Dye Pajamas

Combine tie dye with kindness? Just take all of my money Old Navy!

Rain Boots & Umbrella

The Easter Bunny brings a new set of rain boots every year, and so far umbrellas, too, since my kids can’t seem to use them the right way…

Bubble Gun

Hank loves bubbles, so I’m sure he will be ecstatic to see this!


Lake season is right around the corner which makes Easter the perfect occasion to replenish the kids’ swimsuit supply!

Chocolate Bunny

Because, what’s an Easter basket without chocolate and candy?

Check out the twins’ Easter baskets in this post!

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