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Ice Cream Birthday Party Theme

Over the past several years, each time my children celebrated a birthday I would have a themed party. And the theme would include the age they were turning. We have had the following:

  • Unocorn Party
  • Twotti Fruitti
  • Young, Wild & Three
  • Hole in ONE
  • Two the Moon

Well, the twins recently turned for and I wracked my brain for a theme that fit their personalities that included a play on the number four. And I came up empty handed (empty brained?). So I did what any other party-planning mama would do and thought of the things they love; and that is how I settled on an ice cream theme. Leni and Rowe LOVE ice cream (and so does mama) and a quick Pinterest search proved to me that I could do the theme justice. Check out the details below.


Another Canva creation that I am proud of! Again, I sent the invitation digitally via text (and email for the great grandparents who still have flip phones) to family and close friends. I wasn’t sure about changing Sunday to Sundae, it may have been a bit cheesy but I will let you be the judge!


These PERFECT plates and napkins from Oh Happy Day Party Shop served as my inspiration for the entire party. As soon as I saw the pastel-colored, ice cream cone-shaped plates and coordinating napkins I knew I had to have them. And Oh Happy Day Party Shop was kind enough to gift me with them! I used these for dessert and set them up on the cake table. I also got some cute honeycomb ice cream cones from their shop, as well.

I highly recommend heading over to their website and checking out their shop; they have a great collection of party supplies and novelty items that will certainly make your next celebration one for the books!


I purchased this balloon garland and backdrop from Ellie and Piper and it did not disappoint. As usual, my husband and I teamed up to put this together the night before the party. He used our air compressor to blow up the balloons and I arranged them on the balloon garland tape. We secured it to the wall on our back porch using twine and nails, and place it at the top of the streamer backdrop. It was the perfect focal point of the party and a great backdrop for the cake table.

In addition to the balloon garland we also inflated some pastel colored balloons for balloon bouquets and placed them on the hearth.


My mother created this Happy Birthday banner with her Cricut (I really need to get one of these). I hung this on the mantle above the hearth along with the balloon bouquets. This is where we put the gifts!


I have saved SO much money these past few parties by baking and decorating my own cake. For this particular cake I used one box of Pilsbury strawberry cake mix and a half box of Pilbury Funfetti cake mix. I baked them in 9 inch round pans and sandwiched the Funfetti between two strawberry rounds. I used red food coloring to dye a can of vanilla whipped frosting pink, and use this between the layers and on the outside of the cake,

I covered the top of the cake with custom sprinkles from LayerCakeShop on Etsy and then added a cake topper (made by my mom of course) as the finishing touch. I placed this on a white cake stand on the cake table!


If you know me well, you know you can’t have ONLY a cake at the party, you have to have another dessert. I made ice cream cone cupcakes (so easy, the instructions were on the Pilsbury Funfetti cake mix box) and topped them with pastel colored frosting and sprinkles. They were seriously the cutest and they were great for the kids to eat!

I also set up an ice cream sundae bar with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, peanuts, sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream, hot fudge, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. I used these cute little treat cups and ice cream wood spoons from Party City and it was a hit!


I purchased pastel gift bags off of Amazon and then taped ice cream cone shapes onto each bag. Inside I included an ice cream cup, ice cream cone popper, ice cream tattoos, ice cream bubble necklaces and ice cream stickers.


I added to the fun this year by purchasing a pinata from Party City. I chose a rainbow pinata because the only ice cream themed option they had was humungous and way too big for six children. I stuffed it with an assortment of candy and the kids had a ball trying to bust it open.

Table cloths, dinner plates and plastic silverware were all purchased from Party City!

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