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Two the Moon Birthday Party

We had Hank’s second birthday party recently and I am absolutely in love how the theme and decor turned out. Seeing as though we are amidst a pandemic, we weren’t able to have the big celebration that I would normally plan (if you know me, you know I love to host a party) but that didn’t stop me from decorating!! I invited our immediate local family to a socially distanced, mainly outdoor party that was out of this world (pun intended). The details on Hank’s TWO THE MOON party are below! Now excuse me while I go take a nap before I have to do this all over again in a couple weeks for the twins’ party.


Canva for the win (again)! I created this digital invitation using my FREE Canva account. I just texted it out to our family and saved money on stamps!


I got this adorable shirt for Hank off of Etsy from lilthreadzclothing shop and it was absolutely perfect. It’s also a shirt that he can wear again without me feeling weird about it haha. How cute is the space-themed fabric used to spell TWO?

Balloon Garland and Space Balloons

THANK. YOU. BLUSHBALLOONPARTY. This custom astronaut-themed balloon garland kit was easy to assemble and came with everything I needed to create this beauty – including a balloon pump and instructions! I have never seen anything so unique and my family was literally in awe of it. Blush Balloon Party even sent along some space-themed mylar balloons as well, like an astronaut, shooting star, crescent moon (I had no idea my kids knew what a crescent moon was until I blew this one up) a rocket and spaceship! It’s five days later and the garland is still intact and the though of ever taking it down makes me so sad. Check them out their Etsy shop and follow them on Instagram to see all of their amazing balloon decor!


I don’t fancy myself a cake artist by any means but I am pretty impressed with how well this four-layer space cake turned out! I used two boxes of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and two cans of Pillsbury vanilla frosting to make this masterpiece. I dyed one box of cake batter blue with blue food coloring, and left the other box white. I used 9-inch round cake pans and even “leveled” off the tops of each cake so it wouldn’t be lopsided. I colored the frosting blue with an obscene amount of blue food coloring and then frosted and layered the cakes in alternating colors. When I finished frosting the cake (and stopped Lennon from dying herself blue with what was left of the blue food coloring) I topped it off with custom outer space sprinkles from BrookieSprinkles (Etsy) and a Two the Moon cake topper my mom made with her Cricut!

Moon Pies

My mom made these Southern Moon Pies from a recipe she found on Pinterest and they were a hit. Sticky, but delicious. She made cute little space cupcake toppers for them, as well.


I’ve never done this before but I decided to coordinate Hank’s gifts from me and Nick to match is theme. I wrapped them in navy blue wrapping paper and each one had a cute little space tag. It was super easy to tell which gifts were from us and also for my parents to give me the look that silently tell me “he is spoiled”, hahaha.

Photo Op

This was a last-minute, morning-of project. I am normally not a procrastinator and I had big plans to make this over a month ago and then never got to it. So, the morning of the party my guilt set in and I dug through our garage for a piece of cardboard big enough to make a rocket ship. I grabbed my kids poster paint and got to work. A couple hours and a few spills later I had this beautiful rocket ship photo “thing” (do these things have a name) that I was pleasantly surprised with because if there is one thing I am NOT, it is an artist! The kids and the adults had fun with this one.

Party Favors

One thing I am always sure to do as a host is to provide a gift bag or party favors to my guests. I know most of the contents end up being tossed a few days later, but it is an extra way for me to show thanks for their attending and being part of our lives in general. For Hank’s party I used navy blue gift bags and added a rocket ship cut out to the outside of the bag. The bag’s contents included: alien tattoos, space rings, space bracelets, space stickers, space pencils and a space-themed paddle ball toy!

Other Decor

I tied things together with this Happy Birthday space banner and some other space cutouts and balloon bouquets.

I am so happy with how everything turned out and while I am exhausted, I am super excited for the twins’ party. I will obviously write a full blog post with the SCOOP (that’s your hint) on that one, as well!

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