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Fall 2020 Decocrated Box

Product reveal and home styling

Happy fall, ya’ll! And happy it is indeed because my Decocrated Fall Box has arrived and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

If this is your first time hearing about Decocrated, let me fill you in. Decocrated Curated Home offers seasonal home decor delivered right to your door. Boxes are curated and delivered four times a year and include 6-8 seasonal inspired pieces that can really fit into any home or space. They offer annual subscriptions or you can just purchase a quarterly box. And now they even have holiday-themed add on boxes like Halloween and Christmas. If you don’t think this is one of the most brilliant ideas ever I am not sure if we can be friends anymore (only kidding; but seriously, it’s awesome).

Check out the contents of the Fall 2020 Box and if you are intrigued, place your order and get ready to FALL in love with your home.

Just follow the link below and use my discount codes for $10 off your first box or $30 off an annual subscription.

  • $79.99 Quarterly – Use code THEPATIENTMOM10 for $10 off!
  • $287.99 Annual – Use code THEPATIENTMOM30 for $30 off!

The Art Print

With each quarterly box I have received thus far, there has been a “Featured Artist” and a double-sided art print. The featured artist’s designs are also often featured on another piece as well. I am loving this print because 1. I love pumpkin spice lattes and 2. I love the movie Hocus Pocus (in fact, I might put it on right now).

For now I have placed the pumpkin spice print in a mercury glass frame near my coffee station. So basic, but so cute.

The Table Runner

I LOVE a good table runner. I feel like it can make your table go from blah to fancy in five seconds. So when I pulled this one designed by the featured artist out of the fall box I was ecstatic. I keep moving it from my dining room table to my kitchen table because I can’t decide which I prefer. Opinions are welcome!

The Crate

Crates are cute. Crates are useful. I like crates! This one is a great size, and the decorative plates (by the featured artist!) are interchangeable. It looks perfect in my entry way filled with pumpkins. But I could also see using it as a shelf in my bathroom. Decisions decisions!

The Pumpkins

Like every other fall fanatic, I love pumpkins. The two flocked beauties incorporate some of the same colors seen in past boxes and are the perfect fall accent to any shelf, table, etc.

The Centerpiece

I’ve never really cared much for candle sticks or candelabras (unless we are talking about Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast) so when I first unboxed this piece I anticipated it just collecting dust somewhere. But then I decided to play around with it. My first couple concepts were flat out failures, but then I threw this together and was so happy I didn’t cast it aside!

Now I will say, the pumpkins on top of the candle holder tend to fall off every time my kids get anywhere near it. But I hate to glue them on in case I have any other brilliant ideas. Like painting it gold…..

The Metal Sign

The “Our Happy Place” metal sign is really an evergreen piece that can be used during any season. I’m not sure if our built-ins are its final destination, but for now she looks cute!

The Wall Art

I am always shopping around for new wall art. And I am very indecisive about it. But not this one! I love all of the fall messages – especially cuddles and snuggles – and I just so happened to have the perfect spot for it! It is currently hanging above my buffet cabinet in my dining room replacing a different piece of wall art. I didn’t even need to hammer in a nail! I did, however, staple twine to the back for easier hanging (I really HATE having to hang and measure things…woof).

The Basket

This is another piece that I had to dig down deep into my creative soul to figure out how to style. I ended up hanging it on my wooden peg wrack above my entryway bench and filled it with some fake fall florals. I actually LOVE it. Another great idea would be to put kitchen utensils in it on your kitchen counter, or fill it with more fake greenery and fake vegetables and fashion it into a sort-of cornucopia!

My house seriously looks SO great right now, and I owe a lot of that to my quarterly Decocrated box. I highly recommend everyone check it out. Scroll up to the top of this post for my link and discount codes!!

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