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10 reasons I HATE pads

Thanks to my lovely cervical procedure last week, I am not allowed to have anything “in the vagina” for ten days. That includes tampons. A panty liner for the day or two after the procedure wasn’t too bad. But then, lucky me, I started my period on Sunday. So for the past four days I have been forced to wear pads. Yes, pads! I didn’t even know people still used them! I know I hadn’t since probably the 8th grade.

I went to Kroger thinking I’d just grab a box and be done, but they had so many varieties! I stood in the aisle for a good five minutes before making my decision (all while slightly embarrassed to be looking at pads and not tampons, I’m pretty sure everyone was thinking “what’s wrong with her, why can’t she use a tampon?”). Most of the boxes were pretty standard. Pink, looked pretty thick, and in no way comfortable. To make myself feel just a bit better about my situation, I chose the box that looked “the cutest”. I mean, if I have to wear a pad shouldn’t the wrapper at least by cute? You can see the winning box and pad below.


As cute as my new pads might look on the outside, they are still the same old pads, only slightly more comfortable now that I’m not thirteen. Why do I hate pads so much you ask? Here are ten reasons these absorbent “winged” products should only be warn in emergency situations, like mine.

  1. They are lady diapers. When I wear them I feel lifted off my seat at my desk and I’m pretty sure I waddle because my legs aren’t as close together. At least if I pee a little when I sneeze I’m covered!
  2. You can’t be stealth about anything. Those little a-holes seem to announce your presence when you walk into a room. I can hear my every move (or at least, I think I can).
  3. Those fancy “wings” don’t do a damn thing. They never stick and my pad is always moving around.
  4. Maximum absorbency my butt, I change these more than tampons because they feel warm and…I hate this word….moist.
  5. They are not at all discrete. Tampons fit nicely into your front pocket, or up your sleeve. Pads do not. Unless I bring my purse with me to the bathroom (which I do not at work), they just scream “I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding!”
  6. My dogs great me by running up to me at the door and sticking their faces directly in my crotch. And they try to put face in crotch every chance they get. Mama’s in heat! Dogs = sharks.
  7. You can’t flush pads! So now I have to stick my pad (after wrapping it up in TP, of course) in those gross metal bins in public restrooms, or in the garbage at my house which might also translate as dog food. Don’t forget to close the bathroom door!
  8. Exercise = chafing.
  9. Somehow, I always end up with blood on my underwear, especially when I sleep. Not sure how it happens, but it does. I swear. No pair of underwear is safe! And by husband asks me why I wear granny panties….
  10. I feel like I am walking around in filth all day. Just sitting in my own filth. And everyone obviously knows it.

I could keep going but I have to go change my pad now!

6 thoughts on “10 reasons I HATE pads

  1. It is funny how different we all are. I LOATHE tampons. I never feel comfortable wearing them and feel as though i walk funny! I actually like pads. I have found a brand and size I like for things like exercise (get non-winged ones) etc. In Australia (not sure where you are from) you aren’t allowed to flush tampons in the toilet anyway (signs everywhere in ladies bathrooms). We have santitary bins instead, some are more fancy than others. I went to one shopping centre where you just waved your hand near the sensor and it opened automatically, no need to touch anything! I do agree that tampons feel more discreet if you walk to the bathroom at work. I don’t care 😛 it is just blood and the guys at work (I work in a predominantly male team) don’t seem to care or notice anyway.

    Hope you can go back to what you are comfortable with soon!!


    1. Hey if you like the feeling of blooding moisture in your pad and gushing of blood out all day, then be my guest. Oh I can’t do it. Saving it for pregnancy. It’s natural to let it flow out of course, but we don’t do a lot of unnatural things because of evolution. It’s okay for a tampon to go in the vag. Vaginas are meant to have something put in and out it 🤣.


  2. Just a small note, your article makes it seem like there’s an advantage to tampons because they are flushable…they AREN’T. Please don’t flush tampons.


  3. This is an old article but it made me laugh because I too, had a cervical procedure and cannot wear my beloved tampons. Came to the internet to read about how others feel about pads and this made me LOL. I feel the exact same way. I hate pads. Loathe them. I cannot stand walking around squishing in my own underwear. Thank you for commiserating with me. Haha.


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