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Morganization at its best!

It’s like Christmas came early this year! Check out this huge box full of meds that was delivered this past week and tell me that doesn’t fill you with anxiety. I dare you!


Over the weekend, to help ease my anxiety and to prepare myself for the upcoming weeks, I organized all of my meds so that when it comes time to begin my injections (Wednesday, eek!) I will know exactly what I need to take on a given day. This was recommended to me by a friend who had recently gone through the IVF process, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is beginning their IVF journey.

There are an unlimited amount of ways someone could organize their meds, and after scouring Pinterest for hours, I ended up combining what I thought were the best ideas into my process. Below is an outline of how I organized my meds, please feel free to give it a try yourself!image9image10

What you need:

  • IVF Calendar (your RE will most likely give you a calendar outlining the first several weeks of your cycle, which should include the dates, times and what meds you should take on any given day).
  • Plastic bin with lid
  • Gallon-sized Ziplocs
  • Quart-sized Ziplocs
  • Labels (whatever kind you prefer, I chose neon colors)
  • Permanent marker/pen
  • Cotton balls
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Band-Aids (I found the small squared ones that are the perfect size for a needle prick)
  • Meds (I am using a combo of Menopur and Bravelle, along with a diluent ((I have no idea how to spell that) of sodium chloride)
  • Syringes
  • Needles

The first thing I did was label all of the gallon bags with the date, for example, I start my injects on 9/23 so my first bag was labeled September 23 and I went through to the end of my calendar (retrieval week). Next I labeled the quart-sized bags with the time of day (AM or PM) and the amount of each medication (Menopur – 2 vials, Bravelle – 2 vials).

I filled the quart bags with the vials of medication, along with one vial of the diluent, and closed them. Some of these bags included a syringe of Ganirelix. I put each of these bags into their corresponding date bag. Along with the bags of meds, I also dropped into the gallon-sized bags one syringe, one injection needle, a few cotton balls, two alcohol swabs and a Band-Aid. I followed the same process for every day on my calendar.


Once all of the bags were complete, I put them into the plastic bin in chronological order. Now, every day I will just grab the first bag in the box and I will know exactly what I need to take! Also, this can be adjusted if I need to add or remove any medications as well. I feel so prepared now and it is a lot less overwhelming than looking at a giant cardboard box filled with medications and chaos.


Morgan + Organization = Morganization

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