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Stoney Clover Dupe Backpack DIY

My girls are starting kindergarten (cue tears) in two weeks and I absolutely fell in love with Stoney Clover customizable backpacks when I started back to school shopping. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $150+ dollars to spend on a backpack for a 5-year-old, let alone two (twins, man).

I had seen some of my favorite creators create similar backpacks on their own and decided to hop on the DIY bandwagon myself. I could not be happier with how these turned out, and at around $30 each I won’t bawl much eyes out when they come home with a hole or covered in marker and stickers. 🤣🤣 You know it’s bound to happen!

Gather up the supplies below and follow these insanely easy steps to get your own little a Stoney Clover Lane inspired backpack in time for the first day of school!


  • Solid color backpack
  • Initial iron-on patches
    • The best deal I found for individual letters was on Etsy. I purchased these and chose the 8 cm size. Just $1.60 each plus shipping!
  • Assorted shapes iron-on patches
    • Amazon for the win! I bought this pack of rainbows, lightning bolts, smileys and hearts in multiple colors for just $17.
  • Iron


Preheat your iron to high.

Place your child’s initial patch on the top center of the bag. Place the hot iron on top of the patch. Move the iron around focusing on the edges of the patch.

Continue this for several minutes until the patch is fixed to the bag.

Place a variety of the assorted patches onto the front pocket of the backpack and adjust to your liking.

Iron these on as well, following the same process as with the initial patch.

And that is literally all their is to it! A Stoney Clover dupe bag for $120 cheaper in less than 15 mins! You’re welcome!!

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