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Back to School Ready with Name Bubbles

I can’t believe it’s ready time to start thinking about Back to School (especially when it feels like summer just started), but it is and I am here for it! I am a first timer, meaning my oldest girls, twins, are starting kindergarten this fall. My three-year-old Hank will be in preschool for the first time so there are a lot of firsts, a lot of nerves, and a LOT of lists happening in our house.

One thing I am for sure of is that I do not want to have to deal with lost backpacks and I certainly don’t want to have to buy replacement school supplies; I have enough to deal with! That’s why I am using my Name Bubbles personalized labels to label all of the Back to School things.

What are Name Bubbles?

Name Bubbles makes custom name labels for kids in a variety of sizes, colors and designs and are made for all the things. For Back to School, Lennon and Rowe picked out rainbow labels and Hank, per usual, picked a dinosaur design. There are even waterproof labels for dishes, bottles, cups, and clothing are dishwasher-safe and laundry-safe. Name Bubbles’ School Label and Daycare Label Packs will help keep germs at bay and ensure every child’s school supplies and clothing returns home at pick-up!

Kids tend to take care of things that they know are theirs, and adding a label really emphasizes ownership to them. They know that if it has their Name Bubble label on it, it is their responsibility and there is no arguing over whose cup is whose

(which happens all too often with twins, as you can imagine). They are also great for preschoolers because the labels help the child to recognize the spelling of their name, and to memorize their address and parents’ phone numbers!

What am I labeling for Back to School?


My girls are so excited to have their very own school backpacks this year. In preschool they had canvas bags provided by the school, so everyone’s basically looked the same (they did decorate them). This year I picked out backpacks in their favorite colors and am planning to iron cute retro patches on them!

Pencil pouches

I am devoted to not allowing thes backpacks to end up like my mom bag, with things strewn about and nothing in order. Pencil pouches will certainly help with that and hopefully keep my littles from poking theirselves when reaching in to find something!

Bentgo boxes

I absolutely love these compartment lunchboxes and would not be a happy mama if they ended up lost. So you better believe these are getting labeled!


Maybe it’s just me but my kids are constantly leaving their cups/water bottles behind and even with an endless amount of designs and brands to choose from, are you ever really comfortable grabbing a water bottle from the lost and found? I’m not so guess what – it gets a label!


The twins’ kindergarten supply list includes smocks for messy projects and requests they be labeled with the child’s name. CHECK ✅

Face masks

While there isn’t currently a mask mandate in our area, I know the chances of one going into effect is always possible so I plan to stock my kids’ backpacks with masks just in case!

Hand sanitizer

In a new normal where spreading germs is at the forefront of our every thought, I’m sending my kids prepared with their own hand sanitizer.

Extra clothes

It’s only practical to send a three-year-old to school with an extra change of clothes; accidents happen!

Other items I may label include boxes of crayons and markers, rulers, scissors, glue sticks, folders, binders, etc.

Labeling Tips

Always apply labels directly to a clean, dry surface and allow them to sit for at least 24 hours before washing.

Unlaminated Clothing Labels

Use unlaminated labels for tagless clothing. Stick the labels to the clothings’ brand stamp/imprint and not directly to blank material. 

Laminated Clothing Labels

Peel and stick these labels directly to the clothing label or care tag. Laminated labels also stick to a variety of non-clothing items like flashlights, water bottles, first aid kits, lunch boxes and more.

Coupon Code

So, are you ready to start your Back to School shopping now?! If you are interested in using Name Bubbles Labels to help organize and personalize your child’s belongings for the upcoming school year, I highly recommend these products.Check out Name Bubbles’ School Label and Daycare Label Packs on their website here q and use my coupon code below. I promise you won’t regret it!

Use coupon code BTS20 to save 20% site-wide. Valid 7/1- 9/30.

One thought on “Back to School Ready with Name Bubbles

  1. These are so cool. Hope I saw this earlier. It’s our school debut. So I struggled when teacher asked us to label every single thing. Finally a permanent marker worked and i kinda embroidered her name on her skirt


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