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LUCKY St. Patrick’s Day Mantle Decor


When we were looking for our recent home, one of my very few requirements was that it have a fireplace with a mantel; otherwise, where was I going to hang our stockings?? I now treat my mantel as the focal point of my family room and redecorate it every chance I get! I love a good holiday-inspired mantel and if you do too, this latest DIY project definitely won’t disappoint.

These green glitter block letters that spell LUCKY are absolutely stunning and so easy to make. Accompanied with some of my DIY yarn garland, I received so many complements on my festive St. Patty’s Day decor. Follow the step below to add a little Irish magic to your home this St. Patrick’s Day!



  • 8″ Paper Mache letters (one each of L-U-C-K-Y for this project, but you could make any word you choose)
  • Various shades of acrylic paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue

Step 1

Paint each letter, front and back, with the acrylic paint. Interchange the colors based on your vision of the final product. I used three different shades of green for this particular project. Allow them to dry completely.

Step 2


Once dry, use the painters tape to mark how high up you would like the glitter to be on the letters. I taped mine off slightly below the halfway park. Tape each letter the same height.

Step 3



Paint the bottom half of the letter with glue (I did the front and sides of the letter and skipped the back for this step). Cover the glue generously with gold glitter and then shake off the excess. Let dry. Complete this step for each letter.

Step 4


Remove the tape from each letter and, VOILA! You’re done!

Place these on a mantel, shell, table, etc. to add a sparkly pop to your home.


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