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Snowman in a Jar

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”

We all know that line from Frozen, and if your kids are anything like mine, they probably say it while knocking on a random door in the middle of July. However, now that winter is upon us the phrase has become a regular in our household; as the twins cannot wait to build their first real snowman. So, in preparation for that first snowfall that blankets the Toledo area with perfect packing snow, (not that beautiful fluffy stuff that falls apart in your mittens) I created this super easy Snowman in a Jar!

No one wants to be scrambling around for a carrot, buttons or a hat as their children BEG to go outside. Have this handy DIY kit on hand to grab along with the other million necessities needed for children to play outside in sub-freezing temperatures. Most of the supplies needed are probably laying around your house, anyway!

Snowman in a Jar - new


  • Large Jar (I used a large mason jar I found in a random cupboard) or container
  • Snow Hat
  • Scarf
  • 2 Large Buttons (I am one of those people who keeps all of the extra buttons that come with sweaters and pants; so I grabbed two nearly identical black ones)
  • 5-10 Rocks/Pebbles
  • Acrylic Paint (black for sure, a variety is better!)
  • Plastic Play Food Carrot (I’m sure you have a half dozen like myself)


Paint the rocks black; these will serve as the mouth and the snowman’s “buttons”.

The actual buttons can be used as the eyes (paint these black if you need to, as well). Place everything into your container and secure with a lid. I painted a cute little snowman on my jar and added a tag.

Grab the jar on your way out the door and use the supplies inside to build the perfect Frosty!


Snowman in a Jar is a great surprise for your Elf On the Shelf to leave for your littles!

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