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“Home Inspection” aka Hysteroscopy

This past Tuesday I underwent a procedure called a hysteroscopy. A hysteroscopy is a way for the doctor to look inside of your uterus, and provides a better “picture” than an ultrasound. A small viewing tool called a hysteroscope guided into the uterus through the cervix and is used to check the uterine lining and to look for and remove growths such as fibroids and polyps. It can also be used to diagnose abnormal bleeding. For me, the procedure was done to check for anything abnormal that could be keeping me from getting pregnant, or keeping the embryo from implanting into my uterus. It is like a “home inspection” for the little embryo waiting for us at the end of the month!

The night before the procedure I had to take Cytotec. Cytotec comes in pill form (three pills to be exact) and is inserted into my you-know-what to help “soften” the cervix prior to the surgery. I have to say it was pretty strange to do this, and they caused some pretty severe cramps that evening. But anything for future baby, am I right? The procedure itself was pretty painless and performed under anesthesia. I have had a bit of spotting since then and some cramping, but nothing to write home about.

Of course the doctor came back to tell me how things had gone while I was using the restroom, fortunately my mother was there. He said that “everything looks good and we are good to go”. So I take that as I passed my home inspection and our closing date is scheduled for the end of the month when we have our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)! Now all baby needs to do is continue growing and nestle in when the time comes.

I have started injections (Lovenox) as well as low dose Aspirin, Estrace 3xs daily and an estrogen patch this week. After about 10 days of that I will begin the dreaded Progesterone in Oil (PIO) shots again. I bought a weekly pill organizer (no, I am not a senior citizen) with both AM & PM compartments to help keep me organized. The protocol with this FET is very different from my fresh transfer back in October. Knowing we are doing something different provides added comfort and hope. I look forward to sticking myself with needles again, as it means we are one step closer to getting that baby of ours.

Estrogen patch!
I will continue with my weekly acupuncture appointments and am going to attempt a much healthier diet (the holidays sent me downhill fast) with a focus on eggs, avocado, and nuts/seeds. I am hoping to get in a serving per day of each of these items. Other than that, I will try to avoid fried foods and sweets. There is no time like the New Year to try that out I’d say!


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