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Embaby its cold outside!

Guess who had FIVE embryos make it to freeze……this girl!! Words cannot describe our excitement! (Get it, embaby its “cold” outside….because they are frozen)?

We had our egg retrieval last Tuesday where 9 eggs were collected, 6 mature and 6 fertilized. I was actually pretty upset by this news. Last cycle we had 13 eggs collected, 11 mature and 9 fertilized! In my mind this cycle was worse because the odds seemed to be against us. More eggs = more fertilized = more embryos, right? Wrong.

We spent the week following the transfer waiting for news. Our clinic does not provide daily embryo updates, so it was an extremely long week. I thought we would find out on Monday, but Monday came and went with no news. And so did Tuesday. I was convinced all of my eggs had died and that I would receive horrible news. Like pregnancy test day.

Wednesday afternoon, just when I thought I might have a panic attack from the waiting, the clinic called me with the wonderful news that 5 of our 6 fertilized eggs had made it to freeze. Three were frozen on Day 5 and two on Day 7. Can you believe it? I still can’t! Those are great odds considering last cycle only 3 of 9 were good enough (two were transferred and lost, and one was frozen). So we have 6 frozen embryos, total. That means 6 tries for our little human. One of those will be our take home baby, I just know it.

We have nothing else scheduled for the rest of December, which will be a nice little break. I look forward to spending the holidays with my family and drinking wine. Come January we will dive right back into the meds, ultrasounds and bloodwork, in preparation for our FET. I can’t believe I am saying this but I am actually excited. I feel positive that this will work. 🙂



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