Trying to Conceive

I blame the hormones

I have been a hot mess lately. I can cry in an instant, get sentimental at every Christmas commercial, and did I mention my face has broken out like a teenager in puberty (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but coming from a girl who gets three pimple a year, this is a serious issue)?I blame the hormones. Period. My body is pumped full of God knows what and my ovaries are on the verge of exploding. It’s a wonder I am keeping it together, right? Well that is what I am telling myself.

I love a good cry now and again but the past few days have been ridiculous!  Every Facebook post with a dog in it (happy or sad) has brought on the water works. Take this super cute video of a dog seeing his owner for the first time in 3 years….sob sob sob!!!

Along with the cry-fests and the zit fiasco, I can’t seem to stop eating chocolate. I bought four bags of Hershey kisses (two milk chocolate and two peppermint) to make Christmas cookies with and half of them are already gone. I keep them on my night stand just in case a chocolate craving should hit me at 3:00 AM. I even bought a bag of trail mix with sunflower seeds in it (those are supposed to be a fertility super food) and have eaten all of the M&Ms (excuse me, “chocolate buttons”) out of the bag and barely any of the seeds. It doesn’t help that I’m not allowed to work out! I just sit here, all day, eating/crying/gaining weight. Lucky me!


Finally, I was a super bitch yesterday while Nick and I were cleaning the house/doing yard work. And I have absolutely no reason why! He worked so hard all day putting up Christmas lights, mowing the lawn etc., while I cleaned the inside of the house and all I could do was complain about how he makes a mess when he brushes his teeth (he is a very powerful brusher) and cringe when he walked in from outside on my freshly Swiffered kitchen floor. So when you read this Nick, I apologize and just know I’m a nut. I was being completely irrational. J

On a side note, my egg retrieval is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 8th.  I am both nervous and excited. I hope that my egg quality and quantity have improved this cycle – that will help me to stay positive while I wait for my transfer in just under 7 weeks (I hate waiting!!). Nick and I will head up to Michigan to stay at a hotel on Monday night and we are going to go to the Rusty Bucket, the same restaurant we went to last time. It looks like that may become our tradition (especially because they have best pot stickers Nick as ever had, like, ever.).

OK, I will end my pity party now. Just remember this isn’t the real me, it’s the hormones!!


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