Trying to Conceive

Thing 1 & Thing 2

We are officially PUPO (Pregnant until Proven Otherwise)!!! I am beyond excited, as this is the closest I have EVER come to real pregnancy. It all seems so surreal!

Sunday morning we went up to the clinic for my embryo transfer (ET). Nick couldn’t make it so the next best person came with me, my mom. It had to be one of the coolest experiences of my life. My mom was allowed back in the operating room with us, where they pulled up my two strongest embabies on a large screened TV so that we could see them.

Mom & me!

My doctor then inserted the catheter up through my cervix into my uterus (no pain this time, so the cervical dilatation did its job!) and found the best spot to deposit my babies. Once the optimal spot was found, the embryologist sucked up the embryos one at a time (still on screen) and brought them to my RE who then inserted them into another catheter that was woven through the first catheter. We were able to see the catheter on the ultrasound and then BAM, both embryos were transferred right into the top of my uterus where I hope and pray that they will make a home. My mom cried a bit, and I almost did. I have since cried a few times.


I have to say that science is pretty darn cool! I now have two little embryos hanging out in my womb. I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2, and I have been talking to them daily. We were given a picture of both babies as well as the ultrasound to take home and they are currently hanging on my fridge. It makes me feel like I am really pregnant, having an ultrasound on my fridge like most normal woman TTC.

Thing 1 & Thing 2!

Upon arriving back home on Sunday bedrest was prescribed, as well as Monday. I relaxed for two days straight and it was amazing. Monday I started taking (orally) 2mg of Estradiol twice per day, along with my daily morning progesterone injections. I went into my clinic this morning for a blood draw and was told that if I do not hear back from them that everything looks normal!

So now the torment of the 2WW really kicks in. What am I going to do to keep my mind off of things? I am only 2dp5dt (2 days post 5 day transfer) and I am already symptom watching (I have none, is that normal??). I am counting on my husband, family, and friends to keep me occupied, but not to pry into how I am feeling too often.


Once we receive the results of our pregnancy test, Nick and I will decide in private how we will proceed with sharing the news. We ask that our friends and family at home please respect our privacy and know that we will tell them, no matter what the results, when we are ready. Everyone keeps saying that they are confident this will work, but I am so nervous that it won’t. But right now I am going to try to kick back and live as though I AM pregnant. So bring on the food and laziness!!

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