Trying to Conceive

9 little embabies jumping on the bed…

We had our egg retrieval this past Tuesday and it looks like everything went EGGcellent (see what I did there?)!! 13 eggs were retrieved, 11 were mature and 9 fertilized. I am beyond happy with that number! Now we are just hoping several make it to my day 5 transfer and freeze. My clinic does not receive daily updates on embryos and operate on a “no news is good news” policy. So we won’t know anything else until Sunday (hopefully).

It’s crazy to thing I have 9 potential babies hanging out in Petri dishes up in Michigan. I hope they are well taken care of. And I can’t wait for a chance to meet some of them!

The actual retrieval was pretty uneventful. We were in and out within an hour and a half. Nick made his contributions with no problem (so proud of him) and was sure to send me a SnapChat of the nudey magazines and pornos available! I expected to have a few days of spotting after the procedure, like I had with the cervical dilatation, but I had nothing. Praise the Lord I didn’t have to wear a pad!


I was warned that cramping could be severe and that all of the meds could cause constipation (I am irregular as it is, so I was trying to be proactive), so I took the recommended Colace the day before and then right after the procedure. Bad idea. I spent several hours on the toilet with the worst cramps of my life. I’m guessing it was a combination of the stool softener and my swollen ovaries, which was not a pleasant combination. For future IVFers, I suggest you wait a day or so after ER to see if you actually get constipated before taking any of those death pills.

I’m feeling much better today, besides the fact that my butt is eternally sore. Those PIO shots are no joke! The actual injection doesn’t hurt at all, but afterward it feels like I have a Charlie horse in each cheek that never goes away. I never thought I would be so happy to have a desk job! I assume I will eventually get used to the pain…..right?

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