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DIY Pink Christmas Advent Calendar

One of my favorite holiday activities is the Advent calendar. I love them so much that we actually have several in my house and I’m fairly certain they drive my husband nuts. For the past couple of years I have made and Advent calendar for my kids. I always try to make something cute but also different. Last year I made this adorable Gingerbread House Advent calendar. I absolutely loved it but painting all of the bags was pretty time consuming. So this year I went with an easy but still cute, hanging gift Advent calendar. I was able to wrap and hang nearly every gift I purchased for the calendar, except the gingerbread house kit which was far too large and heavy. Below are the instructions for how I put this Pink Christmas Advent Calendar together.



Wrap all of your Advent gifts in a variety of different colored wrapping paper designs. Tie bows on each gift using yarn, ribbon, tulle, etc. For gifts like candy or money, I wrapped those in cardboard toilet paper tubes. For activities, I wrote the name of the activity on a piece of paper, placed it in an envelope and tied a bow on it.

Tie a number onto each gift to indicate on which date it should be opened.

Tie a piece of yarn or twine to both sides of the birch branch. This is how you will hang up the calendar.

Wrap the branch in the wire garland.

Tie a bow to each end of the branch, using the chunky yarn and tulle.

Hang each gift from the branch at varying lengths using yarn and twine, in chronological order.

Once all of the gifts are hung, glue some of the glitter stars to the branch and to the string hanging the gifts.

Hang the Advent calendar in the location of your choice and you are all set to begin opening gifts on December 1!

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