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Three-Rex Birthday Party

I still can’t believe my baby is three!! We are all still recuperating from Hank’s big Three-Rex birthday bash; boy did we have fun. It was a Dino-lovers dream come true and it filled this mama with so much joy watching his excitement throughout the day. If any of you are searching for a 3-year-old birthday theme (or just a theme in general), I promise you a dinosaur party is super fun and super easy. In fact, it’s sure to be DINO-mite (insert giggles here). Here are all the details.


This is another invitation I designed on Canva pulling inspiration from multiple invites I found on Etsy and Pinterest. I filled it with dad-joke-worthy puns and used the color scheme from the balloon arch I purchased. To save time and money, I sent it digitally to friends and family via text or email.

Balloon Arch

Since putting together my first balloon arch four years ago they have been the focal point of all my parties. Once I have a theme nailed down the first thing I buy is my balloon arch kit. I then use that to figure out the color scheme and find the remaining decorations and essentials. This arch is from Glamfetti’s Etsy shop. Want to know the secret to putting these together quick?! Use an air compressor!

3 Dinosaur Centerpiece

When I came across this centerpiece on Pinterest I knew I had to make it. I love a good DIY and created this “three-asaurus” using a paper mache 3 from hobby lobby, spray paint, acrylic paint and card stock. I put together this Reel on my Instagram of the steps. I placed it on the cake table during the party and now I plan to set it up in his dinosaur-themed bedroom for the next year!

Birthday Board

Another Canva creation (obvi); I used this print to showcase some of Hank’s favorite things and mounted it to this wooden table runner I got in one of my Decocrated boxes that I repurposed into an easel.

Other Decor

Besides the balloon arch I had a few bouquets of helium-filled balloons scattered about, and several air-filled dinosaur Mylar balloons (these kept my kids occupied for dayssss after the party).

My mother used her Cricut to cut out different shapes leaves in shades of green to hang around tables and other areas to help give the house a “jungle” vibe.

Happy Birthday banners and colored tablecloths helped tie everything together.


I found this amazing dinosaur party kit on Amazon! It came with everything I needed from plates and silverware to straws and cupcake toppers. They matched the balloon arch perfectly.

Cake/Cake Topper

My talented mother made this cake topper based on another Etsy find. I made the cake myself using a couple boxes of funfetti cake mix that I dyed blue and green. After icing the three-layer cake with green frosting I covered the top with this dinosaur sprinkle blend.

Dino Dirt Dessert Cups

These pudding cups were a HIT. They were a play on dirt cake made with layers instant chocolate pudding and cool whip. The dirt topper is crushed Oreos and then I added Jelly Belly eggs and miniature plastic dinosaurs.

Prehistoric Painting

I love having activities at our kids’ parties. I found these plastic dinosaur painting kits on Amazon Prime Day and set them up at a table with smocks for the kids to enjoy.

Dino Dig Site

One of the first things I think of when I think about dinosaurs is all of the huge skeletons I see at museums and the paleontologists who uncovered them. So I tossed some extra sand in our sandbox and buried plastic dinosaurs, dinosaur bones, and other little treasures. The kids loved this activity and I’m still finding sand throughout my house (not even going to ask how it got into my basement).

Goodie Bags

For our goodie bags a bought white gift bags and added a dinosaur shape to each. Inside was a dinosaur mask, dinosaur finger puppet, dinosaur tattoos and a dinosaur egg. The kids used these bags to hold the candy they scored from the dinosaur piñata and their painted dinosaurs.

And there you have it – a dinosaur extravaganza any kid is sure to love! 🦖🦕🦖

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