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Three Cheers for Bleach!

We have been talking about disinfecting and cleaning on repeat over the past 15 months. I’m guessing that you, like myself, immediately think of bleach when thinking of deep cleaning surfaces, door handles, and other high traffic areas. In fact, over the past year I’ve done some research (which I have since coined as “bleach-search) on the cleaning product and have discovered just how powerful and useful it really is. Gone are the days of just tossing a cup into the wash to brighten my whites; this mom has discovered the magic of bleach and I’m shouting it from the rooftops!

I am in high-speed spring/summer cleaning mode; the windows are open with a fresh breeze coming in and dirt and bacteria going out. 

Thanks to CLORALEN® Disinfectant Bleach my house has gone from blah to bright and I am confident that the germs are at bay. Intrigued? Let me tell you just how serious I am by sharing some of my favorite bleach hacks.

Mom Advice: You’ll pretty much always want to dilute your bleach with water (unless otherwise noted) and wear gloves to protect your skin. Ensure the area you are working in is well ventilated and take regular breaks for fresh air.

**This post has been sponsored by CLORALEN. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Shower Scum Be-Gone

Bleach is shower scum and moldy grout’s worst enemy. Mix 3 tablespoons bleach with a gallon of water and apply the solution directly to your tile, shower curtain liner, etc. Let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Come back and scrub with a scrubbing brush or my favorite cleaning tool – the old toothbrush- and then rinse with water and allow to dry. You may need to wet your brush with water (or even dip in the solution) a few times to really get the job done.

Mom Advice: Clean before you disinfect; it’s a two-step process.

Brighten White Baseboards

Grab the same mixture you used on your shower (and that toothbrush!) and spray it on your white baseboards. Scrub those dusty, grimy edges and cracks with the toothbrush. Use the other end of the toothbrush to help pry off food particles, dirt and grime. My trim never looked so good!

Mom Advice: Apply bleach to nonporous surfaces, only.

Clean Out the Cooler & Trash Can

You know that solution I just talked about for deep-cleaning your shower? Use the same formula to clean out your coolers and trash cans. I can’t be the only one who “forgets” to empty out the cooler after using it or doesn’t let it completely dry before closing it. This trick is perfect for cleaning and wiping out that nasty mildew. Fill up your cooler with the solution and let it sit for a bit. Then scrub the sides and corners with a sponge, dump the solution and rinse! Same steps for cleaning out your trash can.

Mom Advice: Don’t mix bleach with anything but water. Mixing it with other chemicals or products can produce seriously harmful fumes.

And there you have it! Now that you are about to go out and stock up on bleach, I highly recommend CLORALEN. CLORALEN’s strong and powerful products are made by a family-owned company that wants to provide versatile, high-performance cleaning products at a more affordable price. Learn more about CLORALEN.

Mom Advice: Always label spray bottles and other containers that contain bleach. Keep out of reach from children.

To find a retailer that sells CLORALEN products, use the store locator: campaign

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