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Toddler Boy Valentine Basket

Boys get pink and heart-filled Valentine baskets at our house, too! Hank’s was slightly different than my daughters’ basket. Check out what’s inside below (two-year-old boy).

The Basket

I purchased these pink baskets at Target. I made a cardboard yarn heart and letters and added a couple of yarn pompom a to personalize them. I tied the letters on through a hole in the baskets and used hot glue to secure the heart.

Valentine Shirt

I designed these shirts and my mother made them using her Cricut. I love the message of the shirt, especially given the current state of my country. And I think they can be worn year-round!

Valentine Book

We love books in our house so I had to include a Valentine-themed book!

Valentine Stuffed Animal

Target Dollar Spot for the win! I couldn’t pass up these cuties.

Homemade Heart Crayons

I made these adorable glitter heart crayons with old broken crayons! I have a blog post with all of the details here.

Baby Yoda Watch

The girls each got a heart necklace in their baskets so I found this freaking adorable baby Yoda watch for Hank!

Window Clings

Target again! Why not get something that will drive mom nuts.

Heart Straw, Chapstick & Pen

I think I found all of these at Party City; but don’t quote me on it!

Iron Man Action Figure

Because baby boy is OBSESSED with super heroes and Iron Man is red, so I had to get it!

Heart Sunglasses

These came in a 3-pack and were super cheap on Amazon!

Valentine Candy Poppers

I made these myself and filled with conversation hearts, Hershey kisses and Dove chocolate hearts. Here is a tutorial if you’d like to make them yourself! They’d make great class treats.

Heart Wand

Another easy DIY I made with supplies I already had at home! I put each child’s initial on them for extra cuteness (and to prevent arguing over who’s is who’s).

Bath Popper

I found these at Target as well. They are so cute and so unique! We have never used them before so I’m not exactly sure how it will go, but what could be bad about an explosion of fruit smelling hearts?!

Brownie Pops

I can’t think of anything much more delicious than brownies covered in chocolate and sprinkles. And they are darling. And yes, I made these too (toot toot).

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