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Valentine Poppers

Looking for an easy but creative Valentine treat for your kids to pass out at school or to add to their Valentine baskets?! Well look no further! These Valentine poppers are simple to make but oh so cute. But if you are handing them out to a class full of kids, you’ll want to start saving your cardboard toilet paper rolls around Halloween. Or enlist family and friends to save theirs for you, too!


  • Cardboard toilet paper rolls (you can also use paper towel rolls and cut them down to size)
  • Valentine-themed tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Candy
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Printed Valentine quote/saying (optional)


Fold or cut your tissue paper until it is approximately 9”x12”.

Place cardboard toilet paper roll at the end of the tissue paper. Tape the end of the paper to the roll and begin rolling until the tissue paper is completely wrapped around the roll (sorry if that sounds confusing, hahaha)..

Secure with tape.

Bunch together one end of the tissue paper and tie it closed with ribbon.

Grab some candy and place it inside of the roll by dumping into the open end.

Tie the open end closed with ribbon.

Cut your Valentine quote/message down to size. I think mine were approx. 2”x3”. I chose the message “Let’s get this Valentine’s Day poppin” because it was a witty play on words, IMO. I designed the message using Canva. If you don’t use Canva I highly recommend starting now. I use the free version and it is amazing.

Tape your Valentine message to the top of the popper and that’s it!

Hand them out to the kids and let them rip off one end of the tissue paper and dump out the candy!

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