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DIY Pumpkin Garland

As promised, here is my blog post on creating yarn pumpkin garland! Not only is this perfect for October/Halloween, but I plan to leave my pumpkins up through Thanksgiving (assuming I can hold off from putting up my Christmas decorations that long).

I used a variety of colors because I think that helped make them look a bit more “fall” and a little less “Halloween”. Send me some pics if you try this yourself!



  • Colored yarn (orange, mustard yellow, dark green, etc.)
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard form/book

Step 1

Wrap the yarn around your cardboard form/book (mine was around 5″) approximately 120 times. If you don’t have a book or cardboard handy, you can actually wrap it around your hand and that works just as well.

Step 2

Tie a 10” piece of yarn (the same color as what you are using) around the center of this yarn bunch, between the yarn and the cardboard.

Step 3

Pull the yearn off of the form.

Step 4

Tie the same piece of yarn around the other side, and pull tight. Now you should have a cute, squat little pumpkin shape!


Step 5

Cut a 2” piece of pipe cleaner, weave it under the loose strand of yarn and then twist the ends around eachother to form a stem.

Step 6

“Fluff” your pumpkin by gently pulling at the loops until it looks how you like.

Step 7

Use the loose yarn ends to tie the pumpkin to your twine.

Step 8

Hang them up and enjoy!


Pretty simple, right?! I have these hanging on our built-in shelves in our family room but I also think these would look great on a stair railing or a blanket ladder!


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