Back in the saddle again

You heard that right; I am back after nearly a year and a half hiatus! Back in the writing saddle, and back in the TTC saddle (say what?!).

As you can probably guess, I had the twins and now they are now approaching 15 months old. It really is crazy how time flies. I apologize to my followers for not posting since the girls’ birth, but as you can guess, having twin infants takes up a lot of time! In addition, if I am being completely honest, once I was no longer pregnant and I had the girls, I wasn’t sure if what I had to say would be relevant or have the same impact as TTC did. After all, I wasn’t really struggling anymore or trying to conceive, and I basically had the picture perfect life!

However, here I am a year and a half later writing my feelings once again. I can’t really pinpoint what motivated me to come back to the blogosphere…it may have been that we are approaching the two-year mark from our successful in vitro procedure that brought us the twins; or maybe it’s because I finally have some time on my hands! I’m no longer nursing, the girls are a bit more independent and our new house that we moved into six months ago is finally coming together. But I think what it really comes down to is the fact that we are trying to conceive one more little miracle baby. And blogging is my therapy (and I hope it will keep me from going crazy on my husband). Whatever the reason, I am back (for at least a little while) and ready to fill you all in.

In the coming weeks and months I hope to update you all on the past 15 months of my life and give you the inside scoop on it’s like raising twins, being a new mom, nursing, working full-time and all that fun stuff. And I’ll obviously update you on our journey to have one more baby. I can’t promise I will post regularly, or even that what I post will be as well thought out as it was in the past. Odds are one of the twins will be banging on my keyboard as I type or grabbing my attention mid-thought. Or I will be writing the same way I wrote this post; talking into my cell phone on my half hour drive into work, and throwing in some punctuation at the end! What I can promise you is that what I post will be honest, emotional (happy, sad, fun, scary, etc.) and real. I look forward to being back in the writing game!


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