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Thankfully waiting….

While trying so very hard to conceive, it is easy to get caught up in all of the pain, loss and hurt we have been put through. Between the ultrasounds, blood work and injections, the 3am Google searches, and the constant envy, I find that I often overlook all of the wonderful things I have… Continue reading Thankfully waiting….


If at first you don’t succeed….

Try, try again! Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. I have been trying to relax and focus on myself. Easier said than done when everyone around me is popping out babies or pregnancy announcements. We had our follow-up appointment on Wednesday to discuss why our first IVF cycle had failed. My… Continue reading If at first you don’t succeed….

Trying to Conceive

Friday Feelings…..Empty

Today is Friday and I am feeling empty. Just a few days ago I was hopefully optimistic that I had two beautiful babies on board. Now I know there is nothing. I started my period today which just seems to scream “failure”. I picture a big red “F” on my IVF midterm paper. I was… Continue reading Friday Feelings…..Empty

Trying to Conceive

IVF Cycle 1 = BFN

The 2WW is officially over for us. We had our beta yesterday and it came back negative. And just like that we are not pregnant. Two months of hope, needles, procedures and a heck of a lot of money all down the drain. I will admit, I didn’t have a positive feeling going into my… Continue reading IVF Cycle 1 = BFN

Trying to Conceive

“So Hard” – Dixie Chicks

Below is a song written by the Dixie Chicks discussing struggles with infertility. Two of the Dixie Chicks, Emily Robinson & Martie Maguire discuss the meaning behind the song here. The lyrics are below. This really hit home today! "So Hard" Back when we started We didn't know how hard it was Living on nothing… Continue reading “So Hard” – Dixie Chicks

Trying to Conceive

Finding the beauty in the pain

IVF is a long and painful (both physically and mentally) process. I know this already and I have not yet completed a full cycle! Every day we wake up and look at our schedule. We administer our injections, we take our oral medications, we visit our RE for ultrasounds and bloodwork. Some days we have… Continue reading Finding the beauty in the pain

Trying to Conceive

Thing 1 & Thing 2

We are officially PUPO (Pregnant until Proven Otherwise)!!! I am beyond excited, as this is the closest I have EVER come to real pregnancy. It all seems so surreal! Sunday morning we went up to the clinic for my embryo transfer (ET). Nick couldn’t make it so the next best person came with me, my… Continue reading Thing 1 & Thing 2

Trying to Conceive

9 little embabies jumping on the bed…

We had our egg retrieval this past Tuesday and it looks like everything went EGGcellent (see what I did there?)!! 13 eggs were retrieved, 11 were mature and 9 fertilized. I am beyond happy with that number! Now we are just hoping several make it to my day 5 transfer and freeze. My clinic does… Continue reading 9 little embabies jumping on the bed…

Trying to Conceive

Probes and Pokes

We are now well into our first round of IVF shots, and I have to admit, so far they aren’t bad at all! I stabbed that first one in like a champ! However, I do seem to have an issue mixing the meds so that is now my husband’s job. He claims I am “too… Continue reading Probes and Pokes

Trying to Conceive

10 reasons I HATE pads

Thanks to my lovely cervical procedure last week, I am not allowed to have anything “in the vagina” for ten days. That includes tampons. A panty liner for the day or two after the procedure wasn’t too bad. But then, lucky me, I started my period on Sunday. So for the past four days I… Continue reading 10 reasons I HATE pads