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Anxiously waiting

I have mentioned before how much I hate waiting, have I not? And I think I have brushed on the topic of how anxious it makes me. Well, now I would like to share a bit more about that with you. I am a sufferer of generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (self-diagnosed with… Continue reading Anxiously waiting

Trying to Conceive

“So Hard” – Dixie Chicks

Below is a song written by the Dixie Chicks discussing struggles with infertility. Two of the Dixie Chicks, Emily Robinson & Martie Maguire discuss the meaning behind the song here. The lyrics are below. This really hit home today! "So Hard" Back when we started We didn't know how hard it was Living on nothing… Continue reading “So Hard” – Dixie Chicks

Trying to Conceive

Why Now?

A question I have been asked a couple of times lately is “Why now?”. Why did I chose to begin blogging at this point in my life? Why one year into my journey, why not last month, or the month before? Why blogging and not some other outlet? After thinking about it, here are my… Continue reading Why Now?