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What’s with the socks?

If you are traveling the road of infertility and are involved with any of the several online TTC forums, you have probably seen your share of women posting images of their sock adorned feet, before or after a procedure. When I first began browsing these forums, I myself wondered, “What the heck is up with all of these pictures of socks?”

As it turns out, women are very particular about the socks they wear during infertility procedures, especially during IVF retrieval and transfer procedures. Women wear socks of various colors, patterns, and styles. Some may wear the same pair for each procedure, others may prefer to switch it up and rock a different pair of socks each time. These socks are worn for good luck, to make us smile and to keep us feeling hopeful. The procedure sock purchasing process is often a fun experience amidst all of the shots, scans and emotional chaos.

But why SOCKS? Why not lucky underwear, or t-shirts? Essentially, socks are the ONLY article of your own that you are allowed to wear during such procedures. Most clinics require you to strip down and put on one of those attractive hospital gowns that tie twice in the back, along with a pair of paper slippers and a hair net. Where is the fun in that? While your bra and undies must go in a bag while you undergo one of the most important procedures of your life, the socks are allowed to stay. And that is why we infertile women like to find the most crazy, fun, or inspiring pair to wear!

The types and combinations are endless. I have seen unicorn socks, tie dye socks, mismatched socks. Socks with frogs, socks with words and socks with toes. I even bought a pair of Ellen socks because I thought I might post a picture of them to social media and tag Ellen. Then maybe she would have me on her show and let me talk about infertility, IVF and the right to a family. I chickened out on that one though, for some reason I felt selfish doing that? Like what if Ellen saw the photo and paid for my next cycle? I would feel guilty. But I still wore them and took a picture, because we all know how great Ellen is at making people smile.

Whatever pair you choose to wear, make it one that will help you to think positive, and to feel extra lucky. After all, even a positive mood can help create a positive outcome. Below are a few of my personal “sockie” (like selfie…I may have just made that up) photos from the past several months.



Strong1 Strong2

Hope1 Hope2 (3)


The “I have hope” and “I am strong” socks are from a website called Notes to Self and they have a variety of what they call “Positive Affirmation Socks” that would be great for more than just infertility treatments.

Ladies, I recommend you all go out and splurge on some fun socks, I promise you won’t regret it.


2 thoughts on “What’s with the socks?

  1. Haven’t seen a post from you in awhile — hope you’re doing okay! I loved reading about the socks, had no idea this was something common for women undergoing treatments for infertility.


    1. We have just been waiting to announce our good news! Thanks so much for your comments. More blogs are on the way.


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